For a Democratic management of land in Cote d'Ivoire

NGO Seed4Africa is committed to the establishment of a more democratic land management in Côte d'Ivoire. ...

"Allons Voter" Program - Trip back to Duekoue

We organized with our partner US Embassy Abidjana a trip back to Duekoue to thank population for peaceful election.

Award Ceremony to Online Game Winners

During the “Allons Voter Challenge” people were asked to publish selfies with their inked fingers after the vote.

Radio Interview for peaceful election

Radio Interview at "Agnia fm" to call for peaceful election in Abengourou.

Citizen program called "Allons Voter" - phase 11

11th phase of our get-out-the-vote program called "Allons Voter" run in partnership with the US Embassy in Abidjan.

Raggae Concert for Peace

Raggae Concert organized in partnership with "MyWayNetwork" and sponsored by the US Embassy in Abidjan to celebrate peace.