Empower Africa with Education and ICT

Education is the best way to equip our people with the power to build a better Africa. We aim to bring children believe in their capacities.

Derived from the Latin "Civitas", "all citizens", the citizenship admits various definitions among which that which refers to a sum of moral qualities and civic duties that are considered essential for a harmonious functioning of the city, this space where every citizen must respect the common rules. It is this reciprocal requirement that is called "civism". In The Spirit of Laws, Montesquieu rightly says that civism is that love of the laws and of the country. But this love, this sense of duty and respect towards one's homeland seems to be a commonplace in the minds of many young people today. This situation reflects the need to inculcate the values ​​of citizenship in youth through training and actions in this direction. This is all the more important as such an undertaking will inevitably have a positive impact on youth action in favor of a peaceful homeland populated by young people who have a high sense of civic duty.