Our contribution to invert Global Warming

Climate change is now affecting every every African country. It is affecting our lives and disrupting our economies, costing communities and countries dearly today and even more tomorrow. This is why we don’t have the right to let down future generations. It is our duty to act now for a greener environment, inverting global warming trending before it is too late.

In fact,The multiple and devastating effects of climate change - drought, increasing scarcity of water resources, desertification, flood, storm, and more - bring one more pressure to bear on a food production system that is already fragile in Africa, a continent that already faces major challenges associated with food insecurity. This is exacerbated by the fact that 94% of the continent's agriculture is rain-dependent.

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) report Africa's Adaptation Gap noted that warming of approximately 2°C would lead to a 10% fall in sub-Saharan African agricultural output by 2050, a fall that could be 15 to 20% if warming exceeds 2°C. This threatens the livelihoods of the approximately 65% of the active population of Africa who work in agriculture.

And it is not just agriculture that is under threat. It is an entire ecosystem, biodiversity, and economic and geostrategic balances, as well as the livelihoods of whole populations that are at risk The negative effects of climate change are already affecting the GDP of Africa by approximately 1.4% and the costs of adaptation are expected to reach 3% of annual GDP by 2030, or even 7% per year by 2100, according the UNDP, if global warming reaches 4°C.

That is why Seed4Africa actively acts to defend and promote sustainable and efficient solutions like tree planting, water and nature preservation and renewable energy.